Value creation

Strategic focus

In 2019 we initiated a review of our multiple year strategy to keep in tune with market developments and capture growth opportunities both organically and through strategic M&A. This resulted in four strategic focus areas with corresponding direction for 2020-2022.

Centralisation of operations

  • With close commercial involvement further centralise IT and Logistics towards creating a more lean and focused organisation
  • Cluster overlapping segmental business activities to simplify the supply chain and optimise inventory management
  • Intensify segmental collaboration by optimising internal processes

Digital transformation

  • Use data driven insights to optimise internal processes and identify commercial opportunities
  • Digitise the supply chain with commercial tools that support centralised operations
  • Continued innovation by embedding digital capabilities in our organisation

Focus on growth markets

  • Focus on niche markets driven by mega trends (digitisation, globalisation, market disruption)
  • Invest in unique positions with compelling advantage
  • Complemented by selective M&A to strenghten niche positions

Organic expansion

  • Capture opportunities for geographical expansion in all business segments
  • Explore new PMCs in adjacent channels or product / category per segment
  • Drive organic growth through data driven customer services

Acquisition strategy


Selected acquisitions are an integral part of our growth strategy and further complement our four strategic focus areas. We maintain a regular dialogue with various market participants to ensure that we are ready to execute on the right opportunities when they occur.

We believe it is important to enter into acquisitions as partnerships or joint ventures, keeping management on board and fostering the entrepreneurship and co-ownership that characterises the Group’s DNA.

To date, all our acquired companies form an integral part of the Group while keeping their front face to the market, and with continued involvement from original management that co-invests in the growth of their company as part of the Group.

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