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We support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) directed at sustainable development around the world as defined by the United Nations in 2015.

In 2019, we initiated a high-level analysis of our contribution to the SDGs based on our main business activities and sustainable growth priorities. As the B&S Group conducts business in numerous niche markets around the globe, the selected SDGs are a general representation of the key areas where we contribute as a Group rather than in all the business activities we undertake. We plan to create a more detailed visibility on our contribution to the SDGs in the years to come.


When it comes to our employees and all people involved in our operations, focus lies on providing an environment that is safe and healthy and stimulates well-being in all its facets; from food safety throughout the value chain to supporting local first initiatives and from strict safety procedures in our premises to motivational support in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 


We employ over 2,500 people globally and reach a wide range of suppliers and customers in diversified markets all over the world. This way, we play a key role in generating rewarding work opportunities, high level working conditions and a contribution to economic growth.


Developing an innovative and sustainable distribution solution that connects FMCG suppliers and customers, reduces inefficiencies in sourcing, services and distribution in the sector. With our robotised and digitised warehousing platform, we contribute to the innovation and efficiency of the supply chain in which we operate and facilitate further economic growth. 


As long year member of the UN Global Compact, we contribute to the development and implementation of international norms and standards. By focussing in the areas of anti-corruption, labor rights and human rights in all our operations and by our distribution activities to government, defence and peacekeeping operations, we contribute to advancing peace and development.


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