Value creation

Our overall focus lies on long term value creation by pursuing sustainable and profitable growth. With our multi-year strategy, we keep in tune with market developments and capture growth opportunities both organically and through strategic M&A.

Our strategic focus

Our business priorities

supporting long-term value creation

With clear focus on building and expanding unique positions in diversified markets, we continue to expand our role in the value chain while limiting our dependency on a single market.

The success of our business is directly linked to the expertise and well-being of our workforce.  The continuance of that success lies in maintaining high ethical standards across our business and with all our stakeholders.

Our fundament for creating a sustainable value chain is built on being a responsible, well-respected and reliable organisation whilst seizing business opportunities that support our growth strategy.

Our business environment


We continuously adapt and develop our organisation to benefit from changing conditions in our business environment. We do this by matching our strategic direction with relevant trends and developments in our markets, such as supply chain simplification and retail value chain redesign.



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