Sustainability is a vital part of our corporate culture, necessary to continue and increase our long-term success and to minimise our future development risks.

discover our long-term strategy


Embedding sustainable ways of working

to enhance value for all stakeholders 


Taking responsibility to do what is right for the planet.


Developing transparent reporting and accountability on ESG related matters.


Being an employer with purpose that contributes to society.

Featured project

What UV is what you get


Our B&S Dordrecht warehouse is impressive in size, and you can compare the surface of our roofing roughly with the size of 5 soccer fields. In 2020 we committed to giving this massive surface a responsible make-over by transforming it into a solar roof.


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Carbon footprint reduction


increase use of
recycled material in our packaging.


smarter use of warehousing and carbon neutral resources.


Recycling material
in our processes.



Heading towards a sustainable future



Member of UN Global Compact
since 2010


To highlight our commitment to the 10 universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labour rights, the environment and anti-corruption, we have been a member of the UN global compact (UNGC) since 2010. As a signatory, we submit a communication on progress to the UNGC on an annual basis.


Building the B&S brand for future generations

Defining purpose beyond our own business


Our focus for 2021 – 2023 is to develop initiatives linked to business priorities & SDGs support, define core focus areas with corresponding KPIs and targets linked to our strategy, and enhance non-financial reporting to promote transparency and accountability.


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