Shareholder information

Share capital

The shares of B&S Group have a nominal value of € 0.06 each. The total issued and outstanding  share capital of B&S Group consists of 84,177,321 Shares, implying an equity value for B&S Group of €5.1 million.


Table of substantial holdings

In accordance with the Financial Supervision Act, investors are required to notify the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) if their shareholding or voting rights reach, exceed or fall below certain thresholds. Such disclosures can be found at The Luxembourg Transparency Law and Luxembourg Transparency Regulation provides for the same but holds different thresholds. Disclosures can be found at In this case, investors are required to notify both the Company and CSSF.


(Extraordinary) General Meeting of Shareholders

General Meetings of Shareholders will be convened in accordance with the provisions of the Luxembourg law of 24 May 2011 on the exercise of certain rights of shareholders in general meetings of listed companies and the Articles of Association.

Luxembourg law distinguishes between ordinary General Meetings and Extraordinary General Meetings of Shareholders. The General Meeting of Shareholders of B&S Group will be held at least once a year. Notice of general meetings shall be given no later than 30 days before the day of the meeting through publication of a notice on the website of B&S Group.


Dividend policy

Barring unexceptional circumstances, B&S Group envisages to increase dividends per share over time with the aim of having an initial ordinary dividend pay-out ratio at the lower end of our target range between 40-60% of annual Group results attributable to the owners of the company.

The payment of dividends, if any and the amounts and timing of these dividends, will depend on a number of factors, including future profits, financial conditions, general economic and business conditions and future prospects and such other factors as the Executive Board may deem relevant, as well as other legal and regulatory requirements.


Investor relations policy

B&S Group provides shareholders and other parties in the financial markets with information on matters that may influence the Company’s share price equally and simultaneously. B&S Group communicates with its investors and analysts during meetings such as AGM’s, roadshows and broker conferences. Evidently, B&S Group publishes an annual report, trading updates and press releases to inform all relevant parties. Investor meetings are held regularly to provide the investment community with a well-balanced and complete picture of the performance, opportunities and challenges the company faces, while taking into account equal treatment of shareholders and insider trading.

Contact with the capital markets are dealt with by the members of the Executive Board and B&S Group Manager Investor Relations.

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