About us

Value adding distribution partner

Our increasingly digitised services make us a distribution partner unlike any other, providing unmatched reach in diversified markets.





We engage in mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers, seeking to simplify the supply chain while enabling them to expand their business and increase brand exposure in markets they cannot reach on their own. By partnering with B&S Group, our suppliers benefit from: market intelligence, deep customer knowledge and (digital) marketing support.


To our B2B-customers, we offer a one-stop solution with a large and diversified portfolio at competitive prices, while adhering to strict compliance standards and arranging customs handling and transportation to locations that are often hard to reach. Adding to this, we simplify their operations with (digital) inventory management services and automated procurement solutions

For our end-customers, both in specially retail markets and in e-commerce, we add the service of a long-tail and relevant assortment that is available on demand and at attractive prices, delivered to their doorstep.

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