About us

Value adding distribution partner

We are a value adding distributor of Consumer Goods in over 100 countries and act as a single source supplier to attractive channels and specialised markets.


We focus on serving distinct niche markets worldwide that are generally difficult to serve efficiently due to their specific demands and characteristics. We provide tailored solutions throughout the supply chain, linking suppliers and customers that would otherwise find it difficult to connect.

With our suppliers, we engage in mutually beneficial relationships, seeking to simplify the supply chain whilst enabling them to grow their business by providing them with access to niche markets, market intelligence, customer expertise and marketing support.

Our suppliers include:

  • Brand owners
  • Producers
  • Wholesalers and distributors
  • International retail chains

To our customers, we offer a product portfolio of over 40,000 products at competitive prices whilst adhering to strict compliance standards and arranging customs handling and transportation to locations that are often hard to reach.

Our customers include:

  • Retail (B2B); Value, online, secondary, underserved, duty-free
  • Maritime; Ship suppliers and cruise lines
  • Remote; Caterers at remote industrial sites, peacekeeping missions, government and defence operations
  • Retail (B2C); Customers in (travel) retail outlets and specialty retail markets
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