about us

Our business model

As a provider of specialty distribution services, our focus is on leading positions in attractive channels and captive markets that all share the common characteristic of being difficult to serve. With our flexible, well invested and highly efficient distribution platform, we provide tailored solutions throughout the supply chain.

Our proposition distinguishes itself in its high level of complexity

  • Our scale, network and the integrated best-in-class administrative capabilities we use for customs handling and regulatory expertise deliver a unique sourcing and distribution proposition.
  • Our fully bonded supply chain provides us with the ability to leverage our sourcing expertise across borders. We operate warehouses that have a registered status with the Dutch government to store goods under bond. This allows us to distribute our product assortment internationally without having to pay import duties, VAT or excise duties anywhere other than in the end-market.
  • Our state-of-the-art and integrated sourcing platform enables us to act quickly and benefit from sourcing opportunities whenever and wherever they arise. We have full internal price transparency and closely compare sourcing prices, trends, and opportunities across our segments.
  • Our warehouses are equipped with highly efficient storage and handling mechanisms. The continued automation of our logistical operations boosts the speed of operations and supports our proposition and expanding role in the value chain.
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