Our business model

Our business model is based on adding value to both our suppliers and our customers. By doing so, we have established strong growth in our selected markets and channels as well as developed new business opportunities.



We Source

Our differentiated sourcing is key to our proposition and we do this in a highly efficient manner. Through our scale and global reach we have built a deep understanding of regional cost imbalances. Our modern and integrated platform allows us to act quickly and benefit from sourcing opportunities whenever they arise. We pass the advantages of our highly efficient sourcing on to our customers. Additionally, we fulfil requests to source hard-to-find products within our categories of expertise, providing our customers with access to nearly any product they desire.


We Serve

Value adding services lie at the heart of our business and we believe it is what creates our strong and longstanding partnerships with suppliers and customers. Through the consistent delivery of high-quality and high-value services over time we have earned a reputation of trusted and reliable business partner. In turn, this enables us to build new longstanding relationships, and deepen the partnership with our existing suppliers and customers. We do not merely serve as a link between the two, but offer a clear value proposition to both.


We Supply

Our expertise in supply chain operations is of major importance in the markets we serve. Facilitated by our sophisticated warehouses at strategic locations and in partnership with our longstanding logistics partners, we strive to deliver our products to our customers at any location, at any time. We operate bonded warehouses, which allow us to distribute internationally, without having to pay import duties, VAT or excise anywhere, other than in the final end-market. Our partly automated warehousing allows for faster picking and order handling, and has enabled our increased servicing of e-commerce customers.


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