about us

Our business model

B&S Group is a value adding distribution partner for consumer goods in a growing number of attractive channels and specialised markets worldwide. Our increasingly digitised services make us a distribution partner unlike any other, providing unmatched reach in diversified markets.


  • Our sourcing mechanism enables us to act quickly and benefit from sourcing opportunities whenever and wherever they arise.
  • Our extensive customs knowledge and regulatory expertise allows for a smooth international supply chain across borders. From product sourcing to delivery, from full container loads to consumer packages.
  • Our digitised and automated warehousing solutions speed up operations and resourcefully match demand with effi ciently procured supply.
  • Our global scale gives access to a vast range of suppliers and products, while our increasingly digitised service allows for ordering from any location on a 24/7 basis.
  • Our focus on building long-term business relations is nurtured by our business principles and values that foster trusted partnerships aimed at mutual growth.



B&S Group was formed through the combination of key players in our industry. We have consistently grown and expanded in our existing and adjacent markets and product categories, both geographically and along the value chain. With a focus on constantly expanding our network, we continue to grow and find product- market-channel combinations  in which we can excel.

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