Markets we serve

We operate in markets that are generally difficult to serve due to specific demands and characteristics and the fact that they all develop in different ways. With a wide range of consumer goods across multiple categories, we serve customers in four fragmented key markets.

RETAIL b2b market

Empowering wholesalers and retailers

  • Independent retailers, value-for-money retailers, secondary channels and e-commerce platforms mainly in Europe and Asia
  •   Local distributors and wholesalers in Central Asia and the Middle-East
  • Duty-free and underserved markets worldwide

Maritime market

Just-in-time delivery & capillary expertise

  • Cruise lines and ship supply services mainly in Europe

Remote market

High compliance standards & complex logistics

  • Catering service providers for government and defence operations, peacekeeping missions and industrial sites in remote areas worldwide

RETAIL B2c market

Experienced in specialty retail

  • End consumers in airport shops, military shops, shops on board of cruise vessels and on e-commerce platforms
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