about us

Growth strategy

Growth is an integral part of our strategy, mainly organically driven and complemented by selected acquisitions. With roots going back to 1872, we have built a strong track record of profitable growth.

growth in existing markets

We actively manage our existing supplier and customer relationships in order to strengthen these and to increase the number and range of products that we sell to existing customers. Our organic growth focusses on four main drivers:

  • Expansion of our business by increasing presence in our current markets
  • Tapping into new products and markets
  • The cross-selling of our products to existing customers
  • Utilising the growth of our customers by matching their increased demand for our product

focus on digitisation

Our investments in IT, focused both on internal efficiency and client services, have equipped us for future growth.

  • Operations driven by data
  • Robotisation of warehouses
  • Centralised digitisation program BiT ERP

Leveraging our scale

Our global footprint allows us to progress our margins, leverage our price position, increase our service offering in selected markets and adhere a clear focus on profitable business.

  • Continious margin improvement
  • Increasing service offering in selected markets
  • Selected partnerships with brand owners

Undertaking selected acquisitions

We maintain a regular dialogue with various market participants to ensure that we are ready to execute on the right acquisition opportunities when they occur. Our selected M&A is based on four pillars:

  • Strengthening buying power in a product category through scale and complementary sourcing routes
  • Gaining or strengthening our position in certain distribution channels
  • Adding new product categories to our existing platform
  • Strengthening our position in certain geographical areas


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