competitive edge

Asset light operations


Our storage capacity combined with the quick turn-around time of our mainly branded product assortment, ensures optimal use of storage capacity, and enables us to take inventory management hassles away from retailers. We can also fulfil our customers’ need for just-in-time deliveries as we always have a selected assortment in stock.


We operate several bonded warehouses, allowing us to distribute our product assortment internationally without having to pay import duties, VAT or excise anywhere other than in the end-market. We maintain good relations with the Dutch customs authority and are certified as an Authorised Economic Operator. Our customs certificates allow us to store both products that have not yet been in or will not be imported in the EU as well as non-EU destined veterinary products. Our AEO status enables us to clear these goods through customs in an expidited manner.

Most of the warehouses at our disposal are being leased.


We operate an ERP system that is fully tailored to our operations, enabling us to track and manage inventory levels across our platforms. It also supports suppliers and customers in optimising their own inventory management and making their order placements more organised and cost-efficient.


We outsource the logistical process of transporting products from our warehouses to our customers but stay closely involved in the planning of the transport. We work closely together with our transport partners in mapping the routes and time schedules for the transport, utilising our experience and knowledge with respect to difficult-to-reach areas.


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