Competitive edge

We operate a decentralised organisation that is centrally managed with clear focus on asset light operations, full compliance and value adding services.

Asset light operations

The vast majority of the products that we source are subsequently stored in our warehouses in the Netherlands before they are shipped to our customers. We have multiple warehouses with dry, chilled and frozen areas where we store our goods. read more


Full compliance on all levels

Our compliance function is vital within the organisation, and organised both on a group level and on a segment level. read more



Value adding services

Our value adding proposition to both our customers and our suppliers lies at the heart of our operations. We strive to continuously support them in growing their business, and at the same time grow our own. read more


Decentralised organisation

We operate a decentralised organisation with three business segments that are responsible for developing and executing their strategy and business plan, supported by our centralised back-office services. read more

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